An Index to
“A Dance to the Music of Time”


The central motif of Anthony Powell’s 12-volume novel sequence “A Dance to the Music of Time” is the intricate web of acquaintance and re-acquaintance, appearance and reappearance, which is woven using events, characters and places.

The “Dance” is also scattered with hundreds of allusions to history, art, literature and music.

As such, it seems to cry out for an index tracing all these intricate links and showing the relation-ships between them.


The Index sets out to do just this.


The aim is to provide a comprehensive analytical index of every reference in the “Dance”  ...

every recurring reference to every episode;

benchmarks to help date the various episodes;

a complete list of hundreds of



references to the arts –



visual,  ...

even a list of animals!


All the Dance is here!


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